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The only 2 possible titles are "Other groups in Parliament" or "Parliamentary groups" with a companions escort. In the meantime, let's keep cha established version. How do I seriously consider certain operations? Apart from the fact that if the TMP contains both groups and parties, it should be titled "political parties and parliamentary groups" and as it does not list all the parties, it need not necessarily list all the groupsthe distinction between parliamentary groups italyy parties must be clear: since "Other groups in Parliament" seems to me too long, I see "parliamentary groups" as the only possible title of that section, with the necessary explanation.

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The template is called "Italian political parties". Where is that consensus so far? I hope to be able to catch up. No way you are going to change your style of editing, and I am not going to lose more time on this.

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There is no rush. However, consistency and clarity are the most important things, both are currently missing in that section What about it? But really users who want to edit these s are not able to understand something so basic?

And you complain for reverts! I'll reply to all your questions. That could become "Other groups in the Parliament" or something like that. Yes, I changed username however I didn't think there were even preference about usernames As an inclusionist, I cannot agree with the proposal, though.

I surely itay SDC aka Wololoo's removal of parliamentary groups from the template. I am not arrogating myself a right to undo the edit of other users with extreme ease, the regime is certainly not mine. There is no hurry.

Italian Chat Room Rules: This free Italian chatroom is for entertainment purposes only, so please do not post personal information and do not engage in unlawful conduct. Anyway, if I really cannot remove the parliamentary groups, I must at least specify their presence, because currently it is incomprehensible. Char love singles staying with their parents, then don't date an Italian.

Then you said something like if I really cannot remove the parliamentary groups, I must at least specify their presence : you must not! We don't need to be to "fiscal" about this: it is clear that we're making an exception.

But you have to be patient and wait, even a week. This is weird, otaly by the way I wouldn't abuse of footnotes in templates. That is why I always favour open debate.

Instead "other" means that we list the groups that do not correspond to any of the parties listed before: it's clear. Now the tmp is no longer set up ambiguously as before, but I reiterate all my perplexities: a template named "Political parties pa personals Italy" and a titled "List of political parties in Italy" should list only parties, the parliamentary groups should be listed elsewhere.

As pointed out by User:Ritchie92"the discussion can last as long as it lasts" and "there is no rush". Furthermore the thread concerns the removal of the parliamentary groups, I have only fixed some ambiguities of the tmp, to which no one has chta, the rollback was simply meaningless.

I only hope that other users intervene in this discussion and that a consensus can be reached on this topic, in one direction or another. Vhat anyway.

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My order of preference is: 1 "Parliament"; 2 "Parliamentary"; 3 "Parliament only"; and finally 4 "Other groups in Parliament". Side note: I know that thanks are not necessarily endorsements. Would you wait for other comments? User:Checco appeared to be cat to that in their reply but it is unclear what their opinion is.

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Why doesn't "political parties" implies all the parties? If a tmp includes parties and groups, must be renamed consequently, I'm not the one who wants to keep them.

Correction of the arrangement of League and Noi con Salvini in the template of italian parties[ edit ] I report this thread the second part of the discussion. Still, I would prefer to see "Major parties", "medium parties", etc.

Instead you rush into pushing your ideas. I'm amazed at all this I don't think we should change the title, in the end this is a template to navigate easily the political parties, and it's useful to have also "Free and Equal" and such "parliamentary-only" political groups, without having a very long superfluous title.