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Otherwise, if no alternate reply strings remain, the chat script fails.

21 best free live chat software

The default is to log through syslog 3C with facility local2; the logging method is alterable using the —S and —s options. This option is mutually exclusive with the chat script parameters. By using pre-chat forms, you can collect information from a customer, such as a name or a description of a problem, after the customer requests to chat with an agent.

This is useful when dialing an ISDN terminal adapter that requires two s. Required Editions Available in: Salesforce Classic Available in: Performance Editions and in Developer Edition orgs that were created after June 14, Available in: Unlimited Edition and Enterprise Edition with Service Cloud Pre-chat forms and post-chat s offer a standardized way of collecting information from customers who contact your company through chat.

When echoing is enabled, all output from the modem is echoed to stderr.

The 11 best live chat software options to consider:

Use the space or horizontal tab characters to separate the strings. This information can help direct chat requests efficiently and can reduce the amount of time that agents need to spend collecting information before beginning a chat session.

By default, error messages are set to syslog. You must have read access to use the file.

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By using post-chat s, you can share information with customers at the end of a chat session. You turn echo on or off at specific points in the chat script using the ECHO keyword.

For example, you can direct your customers to another Web after they complete a chat with an agent, and you can forward them to a survey about their chat pxges. These forms and s also offer a standardized way of sharing information with customers after their chat sessions are finished. For information on creating customized pre-chat forms and post-chat s, see the.

The chat program logs the execution state of the chat script as well as all text received from the modem and output strings sent chta the modem. If the string is not received within the time limit, the reply string is not sent.

Multiple lines are permitted in the file. The chat program logs all text received from the modem and output strings sent to the modem to stderr.

Log messages from —v and error messages are sent to stderr. Extended Description. In addition, by using these forms and s, you can customize the chat experience for your users.

This option prevents log messages from —v and error messages from being sent to syslog. Service Cloud Pre-Chat Forms and Post-Chat s Pre-chat forms and post-chat s in Chat enable you to exchange information with customers who contact your company through chat. If specified, a 'subexpect' alternate reply string can be sent. A failed script will cause the chat program to terminate with a non-zero error code.