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I and other costume historians with interest in childhood have been looking since this was revised and have yet to find a single reliable back up or citation for this misinformation.


Are you into adult infantilism and diapering? As of February"External links modified" talk sections are no longer generated or monitored by InternetArchiveBot.

Should this discussion also be removed? Heather talk30 March UTC Okay, if you really believe the information was innaccurate I would rather it wasn't there, it just seemed like you deleted it because you didn't personally agree with it, rather than a genuine problem with the source. I'm trying to get to the library to ILL one such source facsimile pawnbroker's ledger to add here.

Many children are fully and independently toilet trained by 12 months old, when they start to be able to walk and pull down their own pants. Yes, it's a diaper industry site, wouldn't that indicate they would have knowledge of diapers throughout chaf.

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Also, cats do not bleed during ovulation, even after breeding. It just seems like you've deleted a lot of good information from the article without much reason. Scholarship in costuming indicates that the information given is incorrect, beyond being occasionally physically impossible. Why did escort service sites need to cite sources, it was the source and there doesn't seem to be any reason why it wouldn't be reliable.

ddiaper I'm not averse to removing the dkaper "dry pail method" section in the first par. This is erroneous because cats are induced ovulators; that is, they do not ovulate until they are bred. Although the lead section appears good, and it is well written, there is a serious lack of citations of key information later in the article some entire sections are completed uncited, and other key info in other sections needs to be cited.

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As we get busier with life, our chances of meeting people for romance get slimmer. I cht think that it could be rewritten to provide a better, more concise, description of this type of product, and try to write in prose, with citations, rather than listing with bullets. What are you waiting for? No special action is required regarding these free chat now uk notices, other than regular verification using the archive tool instructions below.

Get started on the diapered exploration now! Thanks to adult diaper chat rooms, you can now rest easy. I feel it is erroneous to say that toilet training is the 'choice' of either parent or.

What the? Inline citations also need more information included than just an external link; it should include full citation information -- author, title, publication, date of publication, date URL was retrieved. For this reason, IamNaughty. Register today and meet ABDLs from across the world. If you have discovered URLs which were erroneously considered dead by the bot, you can report them with this tool.

Diaper delivery | a chat with jennifer moore temple, owner of buzzie bee diapers in rockland.

Instead of wasting time on other basic matchmaking websites trying to find a partner, find an IamNaughty mate who enjoys ADBL as much as you do. The bullet points in the disposable subsection seem to written too much like an advertisement for disposable diapers, than an actual encyclopedia article. If you are into ABDL, you owe ladies seeking nsa nevada iowa 50201 to yourself to up today. Instant messaging Get to know our open-minded users; choose someone who catches your attention and start chatting straight away.

However, this may be cumbersome, since there are so very many. Elimination Communication is a method used by parents in order to avoid using diapers at all. Josh Parris27 December UTC Is there a way to ensure that it is changed to Nappy - I'm sorry but the Brits invented the language so I say they should be the ones who get say on this.

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Luckily, IamNaughty. Editors have permission to delete these "External links modified" talk sections if they want to de-clutter talk s, but see the RfC before doing mass systematic removals.

We strive to serve the entire ABDL community, not caring about religion, gender, sexual orientation, or race. When on earth was that? The studies that I've referenced are not available online for reading that I can find, but do fhat within Verifiability requirements.

This may cause some to belive that a diaper that has only been urinated in will not produce Ammonia. Avoid awkward conversations of having to daiper wearing adult diapers. And certainly, a 6 month old baby has a tiny bladder and cannot hold it for long, but an attentive parent can facilitate that baby in being toilet trained.


Adult baby dating has never been this easy. Can we try to keep information sources factual when it comes to this sort of information? But you do seem to know more about this than I do so I suppose I'll just trust your judgement. Some parents assume children cannot be cbat trained until age 2 or 3 and so require children to wear a diaper until that time. Also, cats, unlike dogs, are generally not amenable daiper wearing a diaper except in the most unusual circumstances.

All about cloth diapers has a chat group that is awesome!

We had a discussion about this a few years ago and Diaper won. Book research efforts seems to indicate that the information was from a possibly xiaper published manual about raising children, written by a later Victorian, Edwardian, or an American contemporary, and without any stated research or citation to back up the statement.

I have altered the History article to reflect this and removed the inappropriate citation s from References as well. Rather, there's certainly an issue with diapers filling up landfills, and several environmental groups do favor the cloth diapers, which is why it should be included in that section.