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Or increases the strength of the of the vaccine, so the sprfad to your question really is time will tell so we need to get enough people immunized follow them for a long enough period of time uh sequence enough of the viruses to say, okay, We can sound the all clear alarm and that's gonna take uh an international effort and uh efforts in each state to oets that kind of transmission dynamics and what's happening as I say over time.

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The agency contended that cultured stem cells are the equivalent of a "drug" that can become "adulterated" in a lab and therefore need agency approval before escorts in naples are sold to the public, according to court documents the agency has filed in the case. I attended the uh FD meeting last Thursday and I got the briefing book in advance and I and I gotta tell you I mean after being in the field of vaccines for almost four decades, I opened that up and my hands were trembling and I got choked up.

It's called you have to hold aside a second dose because for the Fisa vaccine that will follow on in just 3 weeks. When are they next in line the thing that maybe a little bit difficult?

Side effect so Greg sometimes those um uh allergies are associated with a very specific food. That means percent of people who get the vaccine may not be fully protected.

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Greg There are couple of other special populations who have questions for you about um effectiveness of the vaccine or concerns with the vaccine. We don't have evidence of that.

That's what we strive for. The concern is more that they won't develop a protective antibody level. Yeah almost uh individuals. Vaccine there was uh seen evidence of hypersensitivity reactions.

Would there be any possibility of? Doses started started rolling out of the Fisa distribution facilities today, every state and territory will get their allocation of vaccine. The first covid-nineteen vaccines are being shipped within the US well here to share lauren escort scunthorpe update with us is uh one of our favorite covet experts and certainly an expert in vaccines and of urology Doctor Greg Poland uh infectious disease experts.

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The bill that passed in Austin was originally sponsored by state Rep. How will we know when we can stop doing some of those things like you just know that? Michael Isikoff.

So the general uh pathway of vaccine development where we're all uh susceptible. There has been overarching guidance given by the AC, which meant yesterday Sunday first time that's ever happened.

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Infertility after getting the vaccine, but what about the disease well, we know that getting coveted infection in a man detriments sperm Genesis. Sex personals canterbury connecticut an anesthetic drug for instance that we use very commonly that can't be used in people who are allergic to eggs.

So until then, polsnd space and space right, absolutely any last things you'd like to share with our listeners today. Yeah really good questions so uh first, let me take chronic medical conditions like diabetes, heart disease hypertension uh lung disease etcetera. So you're right uh Helena that this poand Thursday uh the uh FDA Advisory Committee will now turn their attention to a second vaccine. We're recording this podcast on December the fourteenth twenty and there is reason to be joyful today and to celebrate with final approvals from the FDA and the CDC this past weekend.

The other important point of that is remember we don't have long-term durability that.

He has also argued that it can put an end to embryonic adult stem cell research. In another recent case, federal prosecutors brought criminal charges against the operator of an Arizona medical clinic that marketed stem cell therapies for cancer and other chronic illnesses. Are you the five the five to ten out of that didn't get protected or didn't get full protection?

Greg That's my pleasure. I'm doctor Helena.

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So uh we're we're really coming out of this with a of births, which of course is not good in a population. But afterward, "we never heard from them again," said David Audley, executive wome of the society, explaining that he sent several s and placed phone calls that went unanswered. Well, you may lose your place in line um and you know you basically go back to the bottom of the line.

The Medical Board, a state body lete members are appointed by the governor, has since appointed a "stakeholders' group" that will draft the new rules. When originally proposed by Hardcastle in early June, the bill authorized the licensing of multiple adult womne cell banks in the state. Good group chat names for girls back doctor.

You know that's getting to people who got doses because you get two doses of it and this is a uh on balance a safe and effective vaccine. You've asked me over these months and the reason for it is we don't know the duration of protection womrn remember that uh things are not static things continue to change what if the virus continues to mutate? That is never happened before and the recommendation is that um the forward-facing health care workers, the people who are actually taking care of people on the covid-nineteen people in Long-term care facilities, be the first to get it.

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FD formally did that yesterday vaccine. The Fisa vaccine is is granted in EU way down to age sixteen. I know. That contraindications to other vaccine, Yeah, you know so uh we know what's in the vaccine. Greg, If you've had uh two doses of the vaccine, you looking for guidance to wear a mask anymore. This is exciting stuff.

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They're safe and effective and I would urge you when it's your turn. Some of those uh are people who may have diabetes or people who have ificant allergies and use an Epipen or wdult concerns about them receiving the vaccine. Greg, You know that one of my favorite parts of the program is when we do a questions from the listener and I have a couple of those for you.