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The largest Cao Dai sect is based in Tay Ninh Province, where the religion was founded in and where the seat of Cao Dai authority is located. For example, religious organizations are only required to inform appropriate authorities of their annual activities or the promotion and transfer of clerics, while in the past this required explicit official approval.

There are an estimated 6, members of the Baha'i Faith, largely concentrated in the south.

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For chafroom information on how this works. For example, in Februarygovernment border guards in Gap Trung village, Hoang Su Phi District, Ha Giang Province, reportedly intimidated local Protestants and blocked them from gathering to hold services in an unofficial house church.

The Government allows travel for religious purposes, but the approval of authorities is required for participation in religious conferences and training courses abroad. They have limited contact with Chatrolm in foreign countries, such as Malaysia.

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Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City maintained an active and regular dialogue with senior and working-level government officials to advocate greater religious freedom. However when a "foreign element," such as the Vatican, is involved, official approval is hoq in advance.

To obtain official recognition, a denomination must receive government approval of its leadership, its structure, and the overall scope of its activities. The Tay Ninh Cao Dai branch was granted legal recognition in Contact between Vatican authorities and Catholics in the country occurs routinely, and the Government maintains a regular, active dialogue with the Vatican on a range of issues, including Church leadership, organizational activities, and the prospect of establishing diplomatic relations.

While the two were convicted of illegal distribution of recordings, the extreme rarity with which this regulation is enforced in Vietnam led observers to believe they were targeted as escort amy houston result of their adherence to the unrecognized HHCBC Imprisoned leaders and members of the HHCBC, such as Ha Esx, Truong van Duc, and Nguyen Van Lia, were amnestied during the period covered by this report.

The relationship between the Degas and Protestant believers belonging to the recognized SECV or apolitical house church groups is tense. The Government claimed that Hank had engaged in illegal religious activities, printed and distributed religious information without permission, and defrauded believers.

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Ethnic minorities constitute approximately 14 percent of the overall population. The officially recognized Hoa Hao organization reported that it engaged in numerous charitable activities and local development projects.

They stated the request would need approval from ngao level officials. Religious figures encountered the greatest restrictions when they engaged in activities that the Government perceived as political activism or a challenge to its rule.

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In various parts chafroom the country, there were modest levels of interfaith cooperation and dialogue. However, this practice appears to be becoming more infrequent.

While maintaining the basic rule of close government oversight of religious organizations, it relaxed control of annual religious activities and the promotion and transfer of clerics in most cases by requiring that organizations only inform authorities, rather than seek their explicit approval. Cgatroom official Hoa Hao Representative Committee cited a lack of funds, not government restrictions, as the reason why the Hoa Hao scriptures had not yet been published in full.

sonoma county escorts Truong Van Duc, who had been sentenced to 12 years' imprisonment for involvement in the same event, was released in January Subsequent to the meeting, four se monks of the church were detained and sentenced without trial to 2 years' "administrative detention" in their wex pagodas. At the end of the reporting period, the Government had not responded to Embassy inquiries about the reason for Hmong Protestant believer Mua Say So's continued detention.

According to credible reports, the police arbitrarily detained and sometimes beat religious believers, particularly in the mountainous ethnic minority areas. Buddhists, Hoa Hao, and Cao Dai reportedly sometimes cooperate on some social and charitable projects.

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chatroo, However, there is no specific mechanism for appeal given in the Ordinance, nor are the reasons for denying a request delimited in any way. Authorities reportedly based their actions on the fact that Chinh had purchased under a false name the land on which the chapel was built.

The country's small Jewish population is comprised almost entirely of expatriates. The Government does not deate persons' religions on passports.

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It further provides procedures for these groups to apply for official recognition from the Government to se additional rights. Local authorities reportedly also encouraged clan elders to pressure members of their extended families to cease practicing Christianity and to return to traditional practices.

The Catholic Church hierarchy remained somewhat frustrated by government restrictions, but a of clergy reported continued easing frenchtown nj milf personals government control over church activities in certain dioceses. In addition, ificant restrictions on all Protestant churches continued to be imposed by authorities in Dak Lak Province.

While the committees are tasked with protecting the rights of recognized religious bodies, in practice there are few effective legal remedies for violations of religious freedom committed by government officials, particularly police. Abuses by Terrorist Organizations There were no reported abuses targeted at specific religions by terrorist organizations during the period covered by this report. Hmong Protestant leader Mua A Chau, who had been detained in Lai Chau Province in March and sentenced to 36 months in prison for "resisting a person carrying out official duties" after an altercation with police officers, was also amnestied in May The Cao Dai religion is syncretistic, combining elements of many faiths.

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The Government generally allowed persons to practice individual damn yankee seeking duxford freely and to participate in public worship under the leadership of any of the major recognized religions. Eighteen of the 33 southern Protestant SECV congregations in the Central Highlands have been recognized since the issuance sexx the normalization decree. Many of the hundreds of Protestant house churches in the Central Highlands that had been ordered to shut down in were able quietly to operations, although most had not yet sought or received official registration.

Two-year administrative probation terms were placed on four UBCV leaders in October and remained in effect. Officially recognized religious groups faced limitations in obtaining teaching materials, expanding training facilities, publishing religious materials, and expanding the of clergy in religious training in response to increased demand from congregations.