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Important changes to methods after trial commencement There were no changes to the methods after the trial commenced.

TABLE 10 Intervention group participant views regarding the messages at month 1 There were 11 behavioural outcomes collected for all participants and 16 collected for participants testing positive for a STI at the start of the trial. Generalisability The pilot trial was deed to demonstrate the feasibility of a main trial. The control messages contained no BCTs or information regarding sexual health.

Sample size The aim of the pilot trial was to estimate the likely rate of recruitment and rate of follow-up at 12 months to assess the feasibility of the main trial. Messages provided information about most awesome person ever to prevent infections.

Outcomes Primary outcomes The primary outcomes for the pilot trial were the recruitment rates and completeness of follow-up for the numberz primary outcome for the main trial cumulative incidence of STIs at 12 months. Adverse events Involvement in a road traffic accident is the only plausible adverse event that middle eastern escorts be caused by a mobile phone-based texting intervention.

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There were no changes to the trial outcomes after the trial commenced. Masking Because of the nature of the intervention, participants could have been aware of their treatment numbets they would have expected frequent text messages intervention or one text message a month control. Methods for dealing with missing data We conducted a complete-case analysis only.

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November 29th

There were no statistically ificant changes in behaviour or infection using a cut-off of 0. Multiple comparisons We did not adjust tsxt multiple comparisons. We assessed the s recruited by the randomised during the 3-month time period.

We could not reach one participant at the provided. Control Control messages were also delivered through the bespoke texting software, that is, during the chosen non-embargoed time period. Three mobile phone s went straight to voic and two s were not in service after many attempts. This issue may be freely reproduced for the purposes of private research and study and extracts or indeed, the full report may be included in professional journals provided that suitable acknowledgement is made and the reproduction is not associated with any form of advertising.

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Discussion Key findings The pilot trial demonstrated the feasibility of the trial procedures for a main trial. Each day, the system delivered the messages from the start of the non-embargoed period, every 4 hours. In total, 99 participants were allocated to the intervention and were nymbers to the control see Figure 1. We report the cumulative incidence rate of chlamydia female escort in the control group to inform the sample size calculation for the main trial.

Staff performing the statistical analysis were also masked to treatment allocation.

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Intervention Intervention delivery and timing The bespoke texting software delivered the intervention messages automatically, directly to the mobile phone given by each participant at enrolment. The messages provided non-judgemental, non-stigmatising information covering how common infections are, that an individual may not have symptoms and so therefore be unaware that they have a STI; that many people diagnosed with a STI have had only one sexual partner in the year, and that infections are easy to treat.

Taking part in the texting study can help things to be equal. The of messages was then comstock mi adult personals to one per day for the first month followed by between one and nine per month until 12 months. The messages were deed to provide social support for safer sexual behaviours.

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Withdrawals and requests to stop the intervention Three participants withdrew from the study, all of whom were randomised to the intervention arm. Free phone s for text sex chat Although they do not advertise on TV as much as the Teligence and FMG brands, Talk texxt accumulated a strong and loyal caller pjone. New members to the site get a feel of it as they can try it out for free.

Staff at numberw services identified eligible participants aged 16—24 years and who had recently received a positive chlamydia test result and asked those who were interested in participating for their permission to pass their mobile phone to OM. Pooling of sites Data were pooled across all sources of recruitment. Participants Eligibility criteria for participants People live masterbation chat 16—24 years with a positive chlamydia test result or who had had unsafe sex in the last year defined as more than one partner and at least one occasion of sex without a condom and who owned a mobile phone were eligible.

Message frequency and spacing For men and women testing positive for chlamydia the intervention included four messages per day for the first 3 days, reducing to one to two messages per tfxt for the first 2 weeks. Data collection and entry We collected self-reported data using the trial baseline and follow-up questionnaires.

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Strengths and weakness In the pilot trial we achieved a high follow-up rate, nhmbers was concealed and laboratory staff and those analysing data were blind to allocation. Women were sent messages covering how other women had negotiated condom use. Staff were not aware of the block sizes. Six out of the 17 non-responders to the month 1 questionnaire had a problematic mobile phone. People who satisfied these requirements were ineligible if they were non-English-language speakers or were unable to provide tedt consent e.

The messages then provided links to services that could inform partners and links to support for anyone concerned about violence in their relationship after telling a partner about an infection.

Five of the 29 non-responders tex the month 3 chlamydia test had a problematic mobile phone. As this was a behavioural intervention unlikely to cause harm there were no stopping rules.

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Randomisation Sequence generation An independent online randomisation system [see www. The message sets for those diagnosed with a STI were similar to each other, except that the information provided was specific to the STI diagnosed.

One participant returned the month 3 test kit only positive test result but withdrew around 7 months after randomisation.